Chain Reaction 2

Better AI,Better GamePlay,Better Reaction

Chain Reaction 2 : Online

A sequel to Chain Reaction Classic (featured in Top charts of many countries), Chain Reaction 2 by Jumping Pixel Games adds Online Multiplayer feature along with a whole lot of other features to the game.


Objective of the game is to Eliminate all of the Opponent's Atoms by Strategically Exploding your Atom and Owing neighbour cells.
A player may only put an atom in an empty cell or a cell having an atom of its own color.
When the cell reaches threshold,The Atom Explodes and move to neighbour cells.
When there is no atom of the opponent on the Board : You Win!


  • Play Cross Platform Online Multiplayer
  • AI mode to play Single Player Game / against computer
  • Intelligent AI which learns from your moves